5 Major Employment Laws

Whether you are looking your first job or have a well-established career path, you should know these five major employment laws. By knowing them, you can protect yourself from possible discrimination, poor working conditions, and much more. 1. National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) This law protects employees’ rights to talk about their working conditions to others. For […]

Million Dollar Victory for Firefighter Who Faced Workplace Discrimination

We are thrilled to share that our client – former Lansing firefighter Michael Lynn Jr. – has prevailed in his lawsuit against his former employer.   He alleged that he faced discrimination and harassment in the workplace due to his race, exacerbated by his status as a community activist. As attorney Scott Batey told WLNS, […]

Sexual Misconduct Cases on the Rise

Sexual misconduct in Michigan workplaces is a problem that has not gotten better since this report was released in 2021. If you are a survivor of misconduct or harassment in the workplace, you are far from alone. Contact us at 248-540-6800 so we can help you fight for your rights. Annual reports show an increase […]

What Does the “Rouch World” Decision Mean For Michigan Employees?

Our society as a whole believes it is wrong to discriminate in the workplace based on things like race, gender, or sexual orientation, but sometimes it takes the law a while to catch up. The Michigan Supreme Court helped catch up during the waning days of July. In the case of Rouch World v. Michigan Department […]

How to Deal with Unwanted Sexual Advances in the Workplace

If you are receiving unwanted sexual attention and advances in your workplace, you should not just brush it off. These actions will likely get worse, make you more uncomfortable, and possibly cause you to become unsafe. Follow these tips on how to deal with a situation like this. 1. Contact an experienced employment law attorney An […]

Michigan Employment Law for Teachers

It is almost back to school time! If you are a teacher, you may be feeling excited yet unenthused. These feelings are both understandable. We want to help you make sure you are treated fairly in your workplace this school year. Follow the link here to find a variety of public acts on teachers’ rights. […]

How to Deal With Sexual Advances of a Coworker

If a manager or coworker has made unwanted advances towards you, you must stand up for your rights. Visit our website below to learn what to do. When you are ready, contact our office at 248-920-9652 so we can help you defend your rights. Sexual Harassment

Michigan Employment Law Handbook!

Ever wondered where you can find tons of insightful information regarding Michigan Employment Law? You have come to the right place! The website linked below is overflowing with information regarding this topic. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our firm at 248-301-0939, we are happy to help! Michigan

Is it Workplace Discrimination?

It is not always easy to tell the difference between a legitimate decision by an employer and an act of workplace discrimination. If a decision not to hire you, to terminate you, to cut your pay, or harass you is tied to your age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability, it may be […]

What is Workplace Retaliation, and How Should it be Handled?

Workplace retaliation is when an employee is punished for exercising their workplace rights. An example of this would be if a cashier complained to their boss that a co-worker was sexually harassing them, and then was fired within days. Follow the link to learn how to prevent this issue. https://www.fool.com/the-ascent/small-business/human-resources/articles/retaliation-at-work/