Whether someone experiences mistreatment at their place of employment because of their age or as a result of their gender, discrimination of any kind if unacceptable and must be dealt with appropriately. However, disability discrimination can be particularly disturbing, and it can make life extremely hard for those who are disabled. Worse, some managers, co-workers and victims may fail to recognize this form of discrimination and do not take action when it arises in the workplace. If you have experienced disability discrimination, you should immediately go over your legal options.

Aside from carrying a significant emotional toll, which can make hard-working and talented people feel like giving up with respect to their career and other aspects of their lives, disability discrimination can lead to a lot of different financial problems. For example, a victim may be paid less even though they deserve more, which could make it harder for them to stay current on their bills. Or, their position may be cut entirely, even though they are not only capable of working but very skilled and experienced in comparison to other staff members. Those with disabilities may also need to take action if their employer fails to make reasonable accommodations.

Unfortunately, many people have suffered adverse consequences at work solely because of their disability and many have also been subjected to harassment, which can be emotionally devastating. Victims of disability discrimination or any other kind of discrimination should look into the options that may be available to them, from filing a complaint to even taking legal action over what they have been through.