Sexual harassment can affect men as well

| Oct 21, 2019 | Firm News |

When people envision the typical sexual harassment victim, they may think of a young woman who is mistreated at her place of work. While many women are subjected to sexual harassment, it is important to remember that other people experience this as well. For example, men may be subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, and some may fail to take action because they do not think that their claim will be taken seriously. Or, a man who has experienced sexual harassment may feel ashamed and fail to stand up for their rights due to embarrassment.

In the workplace, a man may be sexually harassed by another man or by a woman. This harassment may make them feel very uncomfortable and it may be persistent and severe. Sexual harassment may not only affect a man from an emotional standpoint, but it could cause them to lose their job and suffer various financial consequences. For example, sexual harassment may also be associated with threats of demotion or the termination of a position.

There are various ways in which sexual harassment surfaces in the workplace, and it can be extremely difficult for many workers who have been through this to speak out. Some worry that filing a complaint or taking legal action will lead to humiliation or repercussions within their company, while others may not even recognize that their legal rights were violated. However, whether a man or a woman is sexually harassed at work, it is imperative for them to do everything they can to address the behavior and stand up for the rights they have as an employee.