In a recent post on religious discrimination, we covered many issues related to those who experience mistreatment in the workplace because of what they believe. There are many other forms of discrimination, some of which can bring up unique concerns. For example, many workers have been discriminated against solely because of how old they are, and age discrimination can be particularly concerning for a host of reasons. For one, people who are subjected to this form of discrimination may lose all hope with respect to their career, and the impact can carry over into many other aspects of their lives and lead to emotional hardships such as depression, stress and anger.

There are various factors that may contribute to age discrimination at one’s place of work. Perhaps the company they work for wants to maintain a certain image, and even though certain workers are not only qualified but exceptionally talented, they are pushed to the side solely because of how old they are. Older workers (including middle-aged workers who are not very old but may be seen as a threat to the company’s “youthful” image) may be fired, harassed at work, demoted to a worse position or even have their application rejected on the basis of their age.

Those who experience age discrimination may have a tough time finding another job if they are let go, leading to major financial problems. They may also feel like giving up in regard to their career and other aspects of their lives, even though this is unfortunate because they may have more to offer than many younger workers.