When religious beliefs lead to discrimination

| Oct 15, 2019 | Firm News |

For many people, their faith is a key part of their life, providing them with hope and inspiration. Unfortunately, religious beliefs can create challenges in certain instances, especially when one finds themselves surrounded by people who are hostile toward a particular faith tradition. In the workplace, this can be devastating, since employees may have to continue working even though the environment is hostile. In some instances, people who are mistreated because of their religious beliefs may be entitled to benefits because the abuse violates their rights as an employee. For example, faith-based discrimination is against the law and there are many examples of this illegal treatment. 

Sometimes, workers are turned away solely because of what they believe in, even though they may be an exceptional applicant who is fully capable of performing the job. Moreover, those who are already working for a company may be discriminated against in terms of their pay, a demotion, harassment which constitutes a hostile work environment or even the termination of their position altogether. 

For some people, such as those whose religious beliefs stipulate that they wear certain clothing, it can be virtually impossible to keep their beliefs to themselves. They may have to deal with co-workers who call them names or managers who do not treat them fairly. Our law firm knows how stressful this is for many people, especially when someone has no other options and they need to continue working in a difficult environment in order to pay their bills and stay afloat. For more on religious discrimination, explore the relevant page on our site.