Subtle signs of sexual harassment

| Dec 31, 2019 | Firm News |

Most residents of Michigan know about sexual harassment. However, we are aware at the Batey Law Firm PLLC that it is not always easy to understand the behaviors that constitute sexual harassment. Many people who engage in this illegal work behavior start with small acts and gradually increase their behavior, so victims are confused about their experiences. It may help you to understand how to recognize sexual harassment. 

Business Insider describes sexual harassment as workplace behaviors involving unwelcome advances, verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature, offensive personal sexual comments or requests for sexual favors. While these actions sound egregious, you might not realize at first that you are being victimized. The following examples illustrate subtle forms of sexual harassment: 

  • Your supervisor often makes comments about how flattering you look in your outfit. 
  • A co-worker brushes against you in a borderline inappropriate way every time he walks past. 
  • Your boss often jokes that you owe him a date for doing you a favor, or that you may lose your job if you do not go out with him. 
  • Your co-workers often make disparaging comments or lewd jokes about your gender in front of you. 

To qualify as sexual harassment, the behavior must be frequent or severe enough to create a hostile work environment for you or make you worry that you will be fired or demoted if you report the activity or do not comply. Nobody should feel uncomfortable or threatened at work due to their gender or for any other reason. You can learn more about your rights regarding sexual harassment on our website.