When Michigan workers like you deal with sexual harassment, you may be wondering what terms apply. After all, sexual harassment is a blanket term that encompasses many different scenarios. Today, we will look at different categories of behavior under the umbrella of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a somewhat broad term, which is intentional. It encompasses three primary types of behavior. First is sexual coercion, or “quid pro quo harassment”. In this scenario, someone in a position of authority forces employees to exchange sexual favors for promotions. It can also involve threats, such as the threat of termination unless the target performs these acts.

Next, there is gender harassment. This usually does not involve a sexual overtone. However, it is still categorized as sexual harassment because it has to do with sex or gender, even if it is not sexual. Gender harassment typically involves disparaging remarks about either gender. For example, it is sexual harassment to tell a women to “get back in the kitchen”. It is also harassment to call child-rearing men by derogatory names.

Finally, there is unlawful physical sexual harassment. This includes unwanted kissing, touching, hugging, and other forms of physical contact. It can also include pressure for sexual behavior or dates. Sexual assault and even rape can fall under this category.

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