Michigan employees have protection in the workplace. They have a right to feel comfortable and safe in their work environment. Sexual harassment in any form threatens this sense of safety and comfort. For that reason, it is illegal. But some people may not even know that they are the target of sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment is not always physical. Unfortunately, the physical side of harassment is what most people focus on. But non-physical sexual harassment is often more prevalent in the workplace. Examples of non-physical sexual harassment include: 

  • Attempting to threaten or coerce someone into sexual acts 
  • Making lewd comments about an individual 
  • Spreading sexual rumors 
  • Making sexist “jokes” or commentary 

Some do not realize that sexism is a form of sexual harassment. If you find yourself the brunt of sexist jokes, this is sexual harassment and you can report it as such. Also, some may not realize that threats or coercion for sex does not have to end in a sexual act. The simple act of attempting to gain sexual favors is a type of sexual harassment. 

It is important for workers to understand these things. It helps you keep yourself protect at work and protect your rights. 

Are you curious about sexual harassment laws in the state? Do you want to learn more about how workplaces handle sexual harassment? What about the differences between types of sexual harassment? If any of these subjects interest you, take a look at our link here. It will take you to our web page on employee rights, where you can learn more.