Politics is one area where people hold strong opinions. Discussing politics can lead to heated discussions and even arguments. While some of your beliefs have strict protection, such as religious beliefs, political beliefs are different.

The National Law Review explains that politics do not fall under protected rights in many cases, especially if you work for a private employer. Public employers must protect your rights to express your political leanings under the First Amendment. However, if your political beliefs start to impact your work or your employer, then you could face retaliation regardless of whether your employer is public or private.

What this means

If you do not have legal protection for your actions, it could mean you may lose your job. Your employer could fire you for expressing your political ideas at work as long as it institutes this policy in a fair way that applies to everyone. It should be a policy that the employee handbook clearly outlines.

Trouble starts when your employer applies this policy only to individuals with certain political views. It needs to apply to all employees, and your employer must act on every instance that violates the policy in the same manner. This protection comes from employment laws, which may be at the federal or state level.

State protection

Some states have laws protecting your rights to express your political opinions without fear of retaliation from your employer. Unfortunately, Michigan is not one of those states. You must rely on federal law to protect you should your employer take adverse action against you solely for your political leanings.