There are many people who leave their jobs in Michigan. Some people may quit for various reasons such as receiving a better job offer from other companies, the schedule no longer works for them, differences that cannot be worked out with managers and other reasons. Many others lose their jobs because they were fired or laid off and they were forced to leave the job.

There are many reasons that people are fired or laid off and in many situations, whether it seems fair or not, it is legal. Many employees are considered at-will employees which means that they can be fired for many different reasons just like they can quit for any reason. However, that does not mean that employers can fire their employees for any reason they want. Employees are still protected from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. If people are fired for these reasons, it is illegal.

Evidence to gather upon termination

Proving that someone has been wrongfully terminated is not always easy though, even if the employee suspects that was the basis for the firing. If an employee suspects they were wrongfully terminated they should try and collect certain evidence. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Asking for the basis of the why they were fired and who was responsible for the decision to fire the employee
  • Requesting to review the employee’s personnel file to determine if there were previous reprimands or poor performance reviews
  • Reviewing any promises made by the employer and gather any evidence of the promises such as emails or other forms of communication
  • Trying to determine if other employees were treated differently

There could be other relevant evidence as well, but gathering evidence is key to these cases because there are so many legal reasons employers can claim is the basis of the firing. The more evidence that people can find that points towards discrimination or retaliation the better. Consulting with experienced attorneys can be very beneficial and they may be able to protect employees’ rights.