When Should You Get an Attorney Involved for Sexual Harassment?

If you believe that you have been confronted with sexual harassment, you should contact an attorney immediately. An attorney can help you figure out whether the situation fits the legal description of harassment and where to go from there. Sexual Harassment

Is it Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is clearly defined in state and federal employment laws. Examples of sexual harassment include a superior soliciting your for sex in exchange for favors, as well as managers and coworkers engaging in inappropriate touching or making unwanted advances toward you.   Sexual Harassment  

New Law Bans Forced Arbitration for Sexual Misconduct

Enactment of this law ends the practice of forcing employees into arbitration for cases involving sexual assault, sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. However, the bill doesn’t go far enough and could still force victims of age, race, religion, disability and national origin discrimination to be subject to a valid Arbitration Agreement. The work environment […]