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Have You Been Denied FMLA Or ADA Leave?

When you become injured, ill or disabled on the job, you may need to take an extended leave from work. Similarly, a paid or unpaid leave is necessary should a close family member become sick and require your care. As an eligible employee in the state of Michigan, you have a right to take such a leave of absence from work without resistance from your employer. But despite the state and federal laws that support this right, not every employer may follow them.
If you are fired or disciplined by your employer for taking a medical or caretaker’s leave, contact an attorney at once. At Batey Law Firm, PLLC, we can help you assert your rights to the benefits that you are entitled.

Did Your Employer Violate Your Rights?

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you have a measure of job protection. Knowing what these protections are can prevent your employer from taking advantage of you.
For example, if you request a short or long-term leave from your job, your employer cannot:
Whether they are aware of it or not, employers who refuse you your benefits may be violating the FMLA or ADA. But if you are unsure that what your employer is doing is against the law, talk to a skilled employment law lawyer first.

Attorney Batey Can Address Your Concerns

Complex workplace conflict can be overwhelming and add unnecessary stress to your situation. For this reason, seeking legal guidance may be the most effective and efficient route for you. Get the advice and answers you need to help you move forward today.
To discuss the details of your case with attorney Scott Batey, visit our Bingham Farms office today. Schedule your free claims assessment when you Call 248-540-6800 or email our firm We offer flexible weekdays and weekend hours and are available to meet you at a location that is more convenient if needed.

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