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Sexual Harassment Legal Representation Throughout Michigan

Boss inappropriately places his hand on female employee's leg

Reporting Sexual Harassment Might Not Be Enough

Feeling uncomfortable at work can have a direct impact on not only your performance but also your quality of life. When you are continually fending off remarks and advances, work can become a hostile environment. But you do not have to tolerate a supervisor or colleague who oversteps boundaries.
If you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment and reporting the offenses led nowhere, reach out to our firm at once. At Batey Law Firm, PLLC, we can assess your claim and help you determine how you can best navigate the situation.

You May Need To Involve An Attorney

Instances of sexual harassment at work may not always be overt. But regardless of how apparent the offender’s behavior is, you should always file a report.
Let your employer know at once if:
Should your employer choose not to act in your interest, take legal actions. Because sexual harassment cases can be difficult to prove in court, it is crucial that you work with an aggressive employment law lawyer from the beginning.

We Can Help You Speak Up For Yourself

Often, employees who face sexual discrimination will remain quiet out of fear of losing a job they love. However, under state and federal laws, your employer may not retaliate against you for filing a complaint. Rather than staying silent and enduring improper conduct from a boss or your peers, fight back.

For a free assessment of your claim, contact our Bingham Farms, Michigan, office today. call 248-540-6800 or fill out our online intake form to get started. We offer flexible weekdays and weekend appointments and can travel to meet you in a more convenient location if you are unable to come to us. We offer sexual harassment representation in oakland county, MI and surrounding communities.

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